Typical Uses

Central Heating

Hot water for minimal cost

ENERGIE offers you the enjoyment of sanitary hot water of up to 55ºC with high energy efficiency and without releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. Additionally, you can expect a reduction in your energy bill of up to 80%. Maintenance is almost non-existent, ensuring the user and the installer will enjoy absolute tranquillity.

 Domestic Hot Water

Comfort will inhabit your home

ENERGIE thermodynamic solar systems enable the collection of enough heat to warm a home up to a comfortable temperature, even on cold winter days. ENERGIE solar systems may also be used in Spring, Autumn and Summer to heat the water of your swimming pool.

 Swimming Pool Heating

Enjoy your pool, 365 days a year

ENERGIE offers you the possibility of enjoying your pool the whole year long with low power consumption. When you choose thermodynamic solar power for your pool’s heating, you are choosing a reduction in the costs of maintainance and a healthier environment. Our experience in the production and installation of systems is our guarantee of an excellent service.

 Large Volume Hot Water

From commercial to industrial

Traditional boilers can easily be replaced by ENERGIE systems, thus reducing the costs of generating hot water. Thermodynamic solar systems for heating large volumes of water are currently installed in hotels, shopping centres, food industries, restaurants, clinics and schools.