Why choose 'Energie'

A Trustworthy Brand

ENERGIE holds the patent for this product exclusively and is the world leader in the manufacture of thermodynamic solar panels. We are present in more than 29 countries across four continents. 

The Latest Generation in Solar Power - High Energy Efficiency

This new generation in solar panels has no glass or any other type of material to make it fragile. It possesses a high resistance to aggressive agents, a feature that ensures a useful life of more than 25 years.

Flexibility of Installation and Integration with the Architecture

The panel’s lightness, weighing barely 8 kg, and an innovative functioning, enable an installation between 0º and 90º, and it's set up can be carried out on roofs, flat covers, facades, walls, gardens and others. The only solar panels able to collect energy whether it is sunny or rainy, day or night. Economy and satisfaction of the product are recognized worldwide.

A Credible and Effective System

The sun is not always shining, atmospheric conditions are variable and unstable. In Winter, days have an average 3 or 4 hours sunlight. Traditional solar panels are limited in their operation, their use being directly linked to the climate and their exposure to the sun. The ENERGIE thermodynamic solar system represents a major leap in the development of solar power collection, overcoming the limitations found in traditional solar systems.


Can the ENERGIE thermodynamic solar system be installed in any location?

Yes, including regions where it rains or snows. 

Will I be able to generate hot water and central heating without other sources of power in days without sun? 

Yes. The ecological fluid circulating at a negative temperature inside the panel is able to collect more solar power than a normal liquid, even on days without sun or at night time. Due to a temperature gradient, the solar panel is able to capture the heat in the environment and transfer it to the water. Thus, the system guarantees hot water up to 55º C.